5 Things to Know Before Your 1st Boxing or Muay Thai Class

Walking into your first fight gym can be a scary thing, but it doesn’t have to be.  It’s healthy to push your self oustide your comfort zone.  A fitting quote is ‘Think big, start small’.  Always keep your big goals in mind (i.e. I want to lose 100 pounds, or I want to fight in the UFC), but know that every marathon starts with a single step.  Here’s a list of 5 small things you can do to get ready for your first Boxing or Muay Thai class.

1)  Come to class 10-15 minutes early.  I think about it like learning to ride a bike.  At the beginning when you’re moving slow it’s very easy to fall off.  Don’t let small things like parking or traffic derail you.  Plan ahead.  Come early.

2)  Wear something you don’t mind sweating in.  The classes are usually one hour, but it’s pretty much non-stop interval training the whole time.  You will burn a lot of calories, and you'll feel like you just jumped in a pool with all your clothes on.  I suggest wearing layers, and drinking a lot of water a prior to your first class.

3)  Bring handwraps and gloves if you have them. Most gyms have loaner gloves and some have loaner handwraps, but they smell like loaner gear.  Your own gear will smell also, but at least it’ll be your own smell.  Also you can wash your own handwraps every time you wear them.  A lot of gyms don’t wash the loaner wraps.  (True Fight Club washes it's loaner wraps after every use.)

4)  Bring running shoes.  Different gyms warm up in different ways.  Running and Boxing/Muay Thai have been linked together since forever.  Both are cardiovascular exercises.  Be prepared to run up to 800 meters to warm up.

5)  Come with an open mind.  They say ‘one of the most important abilities in boxing is coachability’.  It’s difficult to learn anything knew if you have preconceived notions about what you already know.  Leave your ego at home.  Come into this learning environment with an open mind, ready to have fun.  Your coaches will feel your energy, and the whole class will be elevated.

Good luck at your first class.  This is a beautiful and exciting journey.  Enjoy it.  Have fun.

Blog by: Evan Esguerra