3 Energy Drink Alternatives That Are Better Than The Store Bought Stuff

Hey, I’m ALL ABOUT doing what you can to reach peak performance. I’m cool with the idea of an “energy drink” but unfortunately, all of what we see in the grocery stores are full of plain junk that end up causing more damage then good.

Do you really want to put the cheap stuff in your Lamborghini of a body?


If you don’t see yourself as a Lamborgeni, start there. Even if you have 100 lbs to lose, see yourself as the star you are. It begins with treating yourself like the athlete that lives within.


The energy drinks that line the shelves are full of synthetic vitamins, (which can cause other vitamin deficiencies), synthetic sweeteners and chemicals, all meant to wire you up. The problem is energy drink consumers are more likely to experience insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitation and nervousness. Ummmm, no thank you.


Why not power up au naturale? Your body will start to shed pounds faster and with greater efficiency anyway.


Not to mention these natural energy drinks will work to anti-age your body, lift your skin and leave you feeling healthier and energized on a MUCH MORE sustainable level.

1)  Fit-puccino: Organic Iced Coffee + Chocolate Whey Protein + ½ Banana

Get your caffeine from the natural source we’ve been drinking for decades: good old fashioned coffee.

Enjoy the benefits of easy to digest protein (we like doTERRA’s Chocolate Trim Shake) and also enhance the energy levels for your workout.

Throw in a banana for easy to access energy and potassium, the ultimate fuel for your muscles before a workout.

2)  Energy Lift Off: Blueberries + Coconut Milk + Protein + Quinoa

Protein needs a little carbohydrate in order to become usable before a workout. The blueberries in this drink pack a double punch with their natural carbohydrates and high levels of antioxidants, ensuring a high energy workout and help in a speedy recovery.

The quinoa is an additional source of protein and fiber. Be sure to choose a clean protein that is easy to digest. We like doTERRA’s Vanilla or Chocolate Trim Shake because it’s a clean protein and has Ashwaganda in it, a natural herb that supports healthy adrenals and blood sugar, both integral in weight loss and recovery.


3)  Drink Water

One of primary reasons for fatigue and sluggishness is dehydration. It sounds so simple and yet it’s usually at the root of fatigue issues.

Dehydration can mean not enough water, but nowadays, it can also mean not enough minerals. Years ago our drinking water was naturally packed with the minerals our bodies require. Fast forward to modern day bottled water and tap water, and most of the minerals are missing.

To enhance your drinking water and one-up your re-hydration, stir in a pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Just a small amount will add 70 trace minerals to your water. It’s super cost effective, easy to do and will help almost every single system in your body run more smoothly, including your musculoskeletal system.

Cheers to your cleaning up your fuel!