3 Pre-Workout Snacks to Uplevel Your Next Training Sesh

You’re heading to the gym after work and your stomach starts to grumble...the late afternoon hunger is creeping in and you have a choice: to the gym or home for dinner.

You know better though, you’re serious about making gains and shaping your abs. Yep, you’re going to make it to the 5:30 class No. Matter. What.

But if you’re wanting to overcome those hunger pangs, or give your workouts a power boost, try adding in these simple and power packed pre-workout foods:

1.  Apples + Almond Butter:  

Apples are full of natural sugars (aka: carbohydrates), that your body will burn as fuel for your warm up.

The almond butter adds a protein punch, which will be useful in keeping your blood sugar stable throughout your workout and keep you feeling energized round after round.

2.  Bananas:

Bananas are packed with potassium and full of healthy sugars to give your muscles the fuel it needs.

With every muscle contraction your muscles use up potassium like crazy.  If you notice you are prone to cramping either during your workout or even hours and hours after your workouts, your body is trying to tell you are mineral deficient.

Handle it by snacking on a banana and drinking plenty of water before your next workout.

3.  Blueberries + Pistachios:

Did you know blueberries are packed with antioxidants? Well, those little blue fruit balls are one of the most antioxidant protective plants you can eat before a workout.

Working out creates a lot of oxidative stress inside, so eating a snack packed with antioxidants will really aid in speeding up recovery.

The pistachios also offer a little extra protein, supporting healthy blood sugar levels while working out which will, in fact, allow for testosterone to continue to pump out at optimal levels during your workout.

Pre-workout snacks are meant to be light but packed with nutritional value.

The protein sources listed here are much easier to break down than animal protein. Too much animal protein before a workout could send you running for the trashcan. So keep the foods clean and nutrient dense so you can BRING IT at your next workout.

-Dr. Melissa Esguerra DC